What it is?

The industry of hospitality is of course big and around the world, the millions of hotels and resorts are exists for providing best hospitality services to visitors or travellers. Time has gone when hotel heirs are promoting them via other media means visual media, but now everything become online and hotels are also obtained an online portal to be online and reach vast amount of customers. If you have a hotel business, it will be best to design a hotel portal to live your ventures. The hotel portal development is just for online booking site regarding best accommodations. Now people are become alert and booking the hotel in advance to secure their seat.

You can facilitate your visitors as they can book hotels from anywhere in the world, even from the home comfortably. The customers don't need to travel for obtaining information. All details can be available on just one click on the website. Innovative Digital Marketing offers hotel portal development solutions to esteemed clients and use most user-friendly platform to run their business site to handle all types of activities made by customers and portal owner.

We integrate all kinds of features that build hotel portal very responsive and become perfect for busy people who can do easy access and quick turnaround right through website. Visitors can make a quick enquiry and do also comparison to get best deal before placing the bookings of hotel. So, our web development company comes with lots of advantages for you if you wish for best hotel portal development solutions. Our team of design and development bestows you an innovative designed hotel portal that you can use to live your website and let your customers to find your destination and book rooms with searching more and more information about your services.

Hotel Portal Development


Hotel Portal Development allows individual to online the hotel business to let customers to book hotel rooms and check availability. It is of course a more efficient way of loads of information about the hotels and its facilities, locations, and pictures etc.


You can demand for your interested platform to develop hotel portal as Innovative Digital Marketing uses several tools such as PHP, Wordpress, Joomla with other scripting language to provide an attractive and user-friendly web portal.


  • Acts as An Edge Between Client & Hotelier
  • Provides Kinds of Searching Facilities
  • User Friendly Platform for Hotelier
  • Easy Booking Process & Less Time Consuming
  • Boost Hotel Facility & Information Awareness
  • Better Choices for Client
  • Enhance Work Competence & Productivity
  • Features Feedback, Guestbook, Report Abuse & Complains
  • Afford Different Services for Clients & Hoteliers
  • Control Over Portal & Easily Updating
  • Pretty Look & Feel of Reservation Panel

Website Planning & Creation

Step 1
Understanding website requirements and overview
Step 2
Creating a unique plan to develop your website
Step 3
Implementing/Creating the website by the proffesionals
Step 4
Testing the website with each and every module approach
Step 5
Deploying the project to our valuable customers
Step 6
Maintaining the website if required (optional)
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SEO Planning

Get an additional benefit of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that makes website or business able to catch attention of targeted audiences on the web; generate traffics and revenues to your business.

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SMO Planning

Using SMO (Social Media Optimization), we create social media presence for your website or business; generate lead and large number of audiences to gain better visibility and rank on World Wide Web.

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Get a quick attention of targeted audiences to your website through PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign that is called also Adwords and managed by webmaster to show the ads regarding your keywords on Search Engines.

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Website Planning Advice

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"82% of companies that designed a website had increased sales (web marketing)"
Top 5 Queries
What domain name should I choose?
The choice of domain name depends on how you plan to use it. In most cases, it makes sense to choose one that is easy to pronounce and spell if you will be telling people about it over the phone. Above all, you should choose a name that is memorable and not confusing.
How long will it take for my website to be designed?
The time it takes to build a site depends on the complexity of the site. If you have a deadline, we will work hard to meet it. The most common cause of delay is the content (text/images) from the client.
Will we need to have a meeting to discuss the website's design?
Most of the time, a meeting isn't necessary and the work is completed with only discussions over phone and email. We upload our work to private websites that only clients can access. We then work with you to discuss the site and review changes. The site isn't made available to the public until it looks and works exactly as you wish
How much will a website cost me?
The cost of a website varies depends on its complexity. We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quote at any time.
Once my website design is completed, what after-sales service do you offer?
We fully support any website we design and are always available should you encounter any problems or require new enhancements. Innovative Degital Marketing also offers website hosting and maintenance.
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